🇺🇸 We’re officially stateside

We’ve made our first US hire — Jason Hass is our new VP of Strategy and Partnerships. Jason will be supporting our US partnerships and growth. He has a range of diverse experience covering business development and leadership, operations, and law. Most recently, Jason held senior positions at both TrueAccord and Credit Karma.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Aneesh Varma, commented on Jason’s appointment, “Aire was always built with a view that we need to take our product and offerings into new markets. The US is our first major market outside the UK, and building on our recent funding announcement, the time is right for us to bring Jason in. Over the past year, we have been actively engaging with lenders in the US and there is genuinely strong appetite for Aire in the market. We are very fortunate to have Jason join us, given he has fantastic experience, deep relationships, and a track record of engaging with financial services institutions throughout his career.”

Jason Hass, VP of Strategy and Partnerships, Aire

Jason Hass added, “Having spent many years working with consumers in debt and without access to credit, the move to make credit fairer makes real sense for me. Aire is an innovator who has laid a strong foundation in the UK with regulatory approval, growth fuelled by successful lender engagements, and a strong and dedicated team. The plan is to replicate the same considered approach in the US and we can’t wait to get started.”

If you’re a US based lender looking to partner with Aire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jason to discuss it further: jason.hass@aire.io




We do hard things so people don’t have hard times. And we’re starting by fixing the income ecosystem — for everyone.

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We do hard things so people don’t have hard times. And we’re starting by fixing the income ecosystem — for everyone.

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