Making Credit Scores easier to understand – emojiSCORE from Aire

2 min readApr 1, 2018


In 2016 senior credit researcher, Dr Emma Ōji moved from Tokyo to join Aire in London and commenced an 18-month research project into how we can better communicate Credit Scores with consumers.

Emma and her team worked with Aire to uncover that a 3-digit Credit score doesn’t work. Most people cannot quite use that information to determine and plan their finances. What was needed was a multi-dimensional representation of your individuality – a 3 digit score can never do that.

In our research to go beyond, we uncovered an interesting method that we are all so familiar with and yet has so little usage within the world of finance. Yes, the Emoji could represent your credit score in ways that a simple 3-digit number could never.

So we have now launched a new product to make your credit score into an emojiSCORE™ instantly. And it’s free. Forever.

Aire helps lenders build a more three-dimensional view of their customers by revealing the person behind the data. An Aire credit assessment includes overlooked and under-utilised information, like the customer’s character and financial maturity to make sure everyone gets the credit they’re due. Our Interactive Virtual Interview helps lenders see the true creditworthiness of their customers by removing unconscious biases and adding much-needed nuance to credit applications.

UPDATE: Early release now available

In this BETA version of emojiSCORE™ your score will be based on limited insights.

The Emoji Score service requires very precise calculations that can only be completed under the right gravitational forces. Based on our estimates, these conditions along with the necessarily gremlin power is only available on April 1st by using the Fully Operational Obvious Lookup System (F.O.O.L.S). Please check back soon for further updates.

Click here to try it out today.

emojiSCORE™ – Now your credit score is an emoji

Spoiler alert: please take into account the date this article was published before getting too excited… 😜




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