First-party data — the necessary upgrade lenders can’t afford to ignore

The historical approach to credit

In the old days, money lenders sat face-to-face with their customers and could examine credit risk and affordability by asking the right questions; there was more to a credit decision than just numbers on a page.

The new social fabric

5.8 million consumers across the UK are today classified as financially invisible, displaying ‘thin’ or ‘non-existent’ credit files. This makes mainstream financial products, digital services and credit lines increasingly difficult to access.

  • the young: who have not yet established a credit record
  • the old: who may have either paid off their mortgage and have limited use for credit, or who have not previously relied on credit and therefore have no file
  • the unbanked: often credit invisible, making it hard or more expensive to obtain finance
  • recent immigrants or returning expats: with little or no credit footprint, and therefore struggle to open bank accounts and/or rent property
  • those struggling to make ends meet: relying primarily on cash-based transactions.

The Aire difference: first-party data

Used appropriately, first-party data offers valuable additional insight on an individual’s true level of creditworthiness back to the lender, feeding into existing credit decisioning, in real-time.

  • financial stability — insights across multiple socio-economic dimensions and changing scenarios
  • financial capacity — including current and future financial position, actively serviced debts and timeframes, savings levels, living costs, current and forecasted monetary inflow and financial support
  • financial character — such as financial maturity, savings propensity and credit attitude
  • macro-financial position — such as employment prospects, career stage and household composition.



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