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The reason we’re here.

From Aire’s earliest days we’ve been intentional about the kind of company we’re building.

Back in 2014, I wrote a set of core ideologies for our business and on our seventh birthday, I shared these publicly.

Within them I stated: ‘we exist because consumers face a…

It’s another exciting week for us all at Aire as we announce our partnership with Provenir.

Joining their Data Marketplace Platform from today means that Aire becomes part of a global network of industry-leading data vendors, contributing to the creation of a unique data ecosystem that financial institutions of all…

Aire joined Argyle, Moves Financial and Prosper to debate the relevance of real-time employment data. Read on to find out how it unfolded.

The working lives of US consumers are changing. The traditional methods for lenders to understand them are no longer effective.

But when it comes to income assessment…

Today Aire joins TEST/DRIVE — Digital Matrix Systems’ (DMS) data source evaluation program.

Designed to streamline the process companies must traditionally take to assess both new-to-market and established data sources, TEST/DRIVE provides a secure, confidential gateway for testing and evaluation.

For us at Aire, the benefits of joining TEST/DRIVE are…

Financial innovation: what is it and how do we get there? VP Operations, Tom Oscherwitz, begins to unpack the idea ahead of our next panel.

How is the financial services industry doing at innovation and must we do better? …

Rob has been a member of Aire’s Product team since June, 2017. Here’s a snapshot of his work, and life beyond.

Coffee count so far today (12.00)

☕️ ☕️ this morning (home ground, freshly brewed, filter coffee).

Working from..?

🌍 London, UK.

Favourite Aire value

🌲 It has to be…

After 45 minutes of panel debate, we asked one final question of our Aire Talks panelists. Here’s the insight they left us with…

At the outset, our panelists joined us to discuss the safe expansion of the credit box. So — to conclude our session — we asked them that…

Aire Talks joins forces with leading industry experts to debate the big issues in consumer credit. Meet the panelists who joined us.

Manik Chawla, CRO of Petal

An economist by education, Manik Chawla, CRO of Petal, the credit card fintech that’s on a mission to bring financial opportunity and innovation to everyone. …

Our Aire Talks panelists shared their insights for our title discussion: ‘strategies for expanding the credit box’. Here’s your summary.

The first event in our brand new digital series, Aire Talks, started with an opportunity to assess the market.

How did US lenders respond to the worst public health crisis…

Part two: Here Tom Oscherwitz explains the results of some recent polling — and what it indicates for the future of first-party data.

In my last blog I made a couple of predictions about the knowledge consumers have at their fingertips regarding their finances.

I argued that each of us…


We do hard things so people don’t have hard times. And we’re starting by fixing the income ecosystem — for everyone.

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