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Today Aire joins TEST/DRIVE — Digital Matrix Systems’ (DMS) data source evaluation program.

Designed to streamline the process companies must traditionally take to assess both new-to-market and established data sources, TEST/DRIVE provides a secure, confidential gateway for testing and evaluation.

For us at Aire, the benefits of joining TEST/DRIVE are obvious:

Financial innovation: what is it and how do we get there? VP Operations, Tom Oscherwitz, begins to unpack the idea ahead of our next panel.

How is the financial services industry doing at innovation and must we do better? That is the central question of our next upcoming Aire Talks on September 14.

If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.’ — Henry Ford

Financial innovation

Commonly defined as a ‘new idea or method’, innovation is at the root of most lender growth strategies. Peter Drucker, the management guru, has said simply, businesses must ‘innovate or die.’

We know that some industries, like High tech, have mastered the art of launching…

Rob has been a member of Aire’s Product team since June, 2017. Here’s a snapshot of his work, and life beyond.

Coffee count so far today (12.00)

☕️ ☕️ this morning (home ground, freshly brewed, filter coffee).

Working from..?

🌍 London, UK.

Favourite Aire value

🌲 It has to be ‘enter the uncomfortable forest.’


1. Welcome Rob! Tell us about your career before joining us at Aire.

Well I studied Maths and Computer Science at Cambridge University. …

After 45 minutes of panel debate, we asked one final question of our Aire Talks panelists. Here’s the insight they left us with…

At the outset, our panelists joined us to discuss the safe expansion of the credit box. So — to conclude our session — we asked them that same question once more. After 45 minutes of lively debate, would they have changed their view?

Here’s what they told us:

Aire Talks joins forces with leading industry experts to debate the big issues in consumer credit. Meet the panelists who joined us.

Manik Chawla, CRO of Petal

An economist by education, Manik Chawla, CRO of Petal, the credit card fintech that’s on a mission to bring financial opportunity and innovation to everyone. Manik has 16 years experience in credit risk and data science, first in traditional banking, now in fintech.

He shared with us the approach to credit risk he led at Petal when Covid-19 first hit, the inability of CROs to follow a recession playbook — and later in the session, why the launch…

Our Aire Talks panelists shared their insights for our title discussion: ‘strategies for expanding the credit box’. Here’s your summary.

The first event in our brand new digital series, Aire Talks, started with an opportunity to assess the market.

How did US lenders respond to the worst public health crisis of the last hundred years? First by severely curbing lending and preparing for recession, and now through their active interest in rebuilding and expanding their customer base.

But what really happened, what have we learned — and most importantly, how do we now safely expand the credit box?

We’ve categorized…

Part two: Here Tom Oscherwitz explains the results of some recent polling — and what it indicates for the future of first-party data.

In my last blog I made a couple of predictions about the knowledge consumers have at their fingertips regarding their finances.

I argued that each of us hold certain personal financial facts that we can always recall with relative ease. At the same time, other bits of financial data may elude us entirely or trigger very inaccurate recollections.

Having hypothesized why this might be in regards to our income (such as: we pay more attention to numbers…

Part one: VP Operations, Tom Oscherwitz, explores the value of some of our most easily recalled financial facts.

The world’s smartest financial institutions and fintechs spend billions of dollars each year leveraging credit reports and expensive, existing data sources.


They do it with one shared goal: to better understand the individual circumstances of their borrowers.

At Aire, we are equally focused on this. But, instead of relying on broad consumer observations or third-party reports, we start with a basic hypothesis: consumers have unique insight into certain financial facts. …

Our Wellbeing Champions exist to promote good mental and physical health across the Aire team. We caught up with them to find out more.

Welcome Barnes, Becci and Wiki! Firstly, what is a Wellbeing Champion?

Barnes: People are not always comfortable speaking up about how they’re feeling; there can still be a stigma attached at work to having these conversations. Our remit is to put every employee at ease so they can share their feelings openly and without discrimination — we serve as an anonymous support system.

Becci: Yes, being available and visible to the team so people know they…

Agile Facilitator, Becci, shares how 2020 prompted an unexpected career change for her at Aire.

When I first applied to be Aire’s Office Manager in 2017 I was a little concerned.

I’d worked for a building society, I’d managed call centres, customer service functions and even run a pub for a couple of years — but I’d never managed an office.

At Aire we are very proud of our culture and look to strengthen and evolve it with each and every hire. I will always be grateful to those that took a chance on me and gave me that opportunity.


We do hard things so people don’t have hard times. And we’re starting by fixing the credit ecosystem — for everyone.

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